This New App Will Revolutionise How You Organise Lifts For Your Kids

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A single working dad has created an app that offers parents a way to arrange pickups, drop offs and temporary care of their kids with trusted family and friends.

Simon Bishop found driving his daughter to every single extra-curricular activity was near-impossible, and decided to create The Hug App, which uses geo-location abilities to let users share and see where their children are at any time.

An Australian first, the app allows users to securely group family and friends into any group or event type their child is involved in, and is compatible across Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

“As a single working parent, I share custody of my nine-year-old daughter and found it increasingly difficult to manage the daily responsibilities of transport and care for her,” Mr Bishop said.

“I always felt guilty for asking the same people and like most parents, would rely on the same friends and family members to help out when they could.

“I got fed up with the unnecessary pressure I put on them and after searching the globe for an app that could solve my requirements, I designed one myself.”

You can watch a video about The Hug App below:

Troy Nankervis

6 December 2017

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Troy Nankervis

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