A New Food Sharing App For Home-Cooked Meals Is Launching In Brisbane Today

FoodByUs looking for makers

18 July 2017

Pic: FoodByUs

What if you could have a fully home-cooked meal, without even having to lift a finger? Well, just lifting it towards your smartphone..

FoodByUs - created by the co-founders of Menulog - is launching in Brisbane today, it's a new food sharing app where local masterchefs can sell quality homemade meals to local foodies, similar to UberEats.

There's all sorts of yummy offerings, including stir fries, pasta, finger food, salads, cakes, vegan cuisine, gluten free, even baby food.

"With FoodByUs already having great success in both Sydney and Melbourne, we are looking forward to connecting locals with talented home cooks and predict Brisbane could soon have some of the best talent in the country," said Managing Director and Co-Founder Ben Lipschitz.

"75 Brisbane makers have already signed up." That includes busy mum Cinnamon Morrisey who sells 'Everymite' (a nutrient dense alternative to Vegemite). She originally created the breakfast spread for her son to accommodate a food intolerance.

"It's makers like these which are helping to change the way people in Brisbane eat," Lipschitz said.

The company works hard to make sure all food is up to scratch, all makers must meet strict state government food standards and FoodByUs also taste tests before makers are allowed to sell.

For more info on FoodByUs and how to get involved you can check out the FoodByUs website.


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