A Pop-Up Lego Bar Is Set To Open Just Up The Road


10 January 2018

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Remember good old fashion lego sets?

The days when you'd round up every kid on the block to create a spectacular block-like world of ships, castles and magical towers. 


Chances are those days are long gone and your lego obsession was locked away in some cupboard never to be seen since. 

Until now.


A new pop-up adult lego bar is set to arrive in Brisbane in Autumn.

A first of its kind, consisting of over 1 million lego blocks, taking you down memory lane over an aperol spritz or espresso martini.

The bar will feature sculptures made completely from lego bricks that will put your 10 year old self to shame.

You can even relive childhood memories with an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations.

Get set, for the new age (or old age) of bars to come to live late 2018. 

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