A Seinfeld Fan Vote Has Put Together An Official List Of The Top 30 Episodes Of All Time

The definitive ranking

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There are some debates that will rage as long as the Earth rotates.

Which came first out of the chicken or the egg and which is the superior peanut butter out of crunchy or smooth are chief amongst them, but it’s safe to say the most pressing question mankind needs answered is which is the best ever Seinfeld episode.

To honour the iconic sitcom’s 30th anniversary, their official social media accounts have canvassed the fans to put together the definitive account of the 30 best episodes of the show’s nine-season, 180 episode run.

These are the results they got back:

30. The Serenity Now
29. The Bubble Boy
28. The Limo
27. The Butter Shave
26. The Puffy Shirt
25.The Airport
24. The Race
23. The Summer of George
22. The Library
21. The Yada Yada
20. The Betrayal
19. The Dinner Party
18. The Outing
17. The Switch
16. The Fire
15. The Little Kicks
14. The Junior Mint
13. The Rye
12. The Parking Garage
11. The Gym
10. The Hamptons
9. The Chinese Restaurant
8. The Chicken Roaster
7. The Strike
6. The Boyfriend
5. The Merv Griffin Show
4. The Opposite
3. The Marine Biologist
2. The Soup Nazi
1. The Contest

Any episode on that list would be most other show’s best of all time, which just goes to show what a powerhouse Seinfeld was through basically its whole run.

Now if you’ll excuse us, it’s time to go binge all nine seasons.

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Rudi Edsall

7 November 2019

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Rudi Edsall

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