A Splash Park at Yanco

Leeton Council to proceed

27 September 2017


Council resolved at the September Ordinary Council Meeting to provide a Splash Park at McCaughey Park.

This follows on from the investigation completed by Council’s Open Space team which confirmed that a simple feature using reticulated water was achievable. Council’s decision follows on from a petition received from Yanco residents in June 2017 requesting a basic water feature to provide some relief for children during the hot summer months. The investigation by Council staff considered design, scope, cost, water usage and public health.

Council’s Manager Open Space and Recreation Josh Clyne advised in his report to Council that the only cost effective option was for a non-recycled system which would discharge into the lake and ultimately be used for irrigation.

The most basic design will cost between $45,000 and $50,000. No pump is required as sufficient water volume and pressure is available directly from the water main. The proposed scheme will use about 150 litres per minute and the system will be operated by push button. This will be timed to turn off after five minutes.

Consultation with the NSW Department of Health has been positive, with no identified issues as the system will use potable water that will not be recycled.

The Mayor Cr Paul Maytom thanked the people of Yanco for their input and strongly supported the amendment that Council should proceed with the project.

The Mayor stated “This facility will give great benefit and fun to the children of our Shire during the hot summer months”.

There was strong and healthy debate and the amendment was supported 5 to 3.

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