A Triple M Esperance Regular Is Starting A NEW (surf) BUSINESS

Bet you can't guess who!

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He is the Triple M Sean for Breakfast regular surf reporter “Dan the surf man” who is sharing his passion by launching a new business based in Esperance.

Danny Smyth is a local teacher and surfing enthusiast and has travelled up and down the Esperance coastline searching and paddling around our more iconic and isolated breaks. He has bought countless second hand and brand-new surf boards and has an affinity towards branding these with some colour, some art to distinguish his surfboard as uniquely his own. That desire towards creativity has birthed his first business venture, Surfpaints.

Surfpaints offers the complete “everything you need to paint a board” set, including sandblocks, a full rainbow of acrylic paint pens, and templates to help you achieve your surfboard creative dream. You can also purchase each paint pen individually. The pens are capable of doing big block colours or more intricate designs, including an emu export can!

Dan the Surf Man talks about the business and the designs you can do on the Sean for Breakfast Show

Check out the website here for some inspiration or to embark on your Surfpaints journey. Also check out the Instagram (@surfpaints) and Facebook pages. Just search Surfpaints. 

To see the paints and pens in action enroll to the 'How to Paint a Surfboard Workshop' at the Cannery Art Centre, November 24. Just ring up the Cannery or visit their website here.

Danny wants you to hit the surf with a board that has your distinct trademark and shows character!

Sean Lindsay

30 October 2019

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Sean Lindsay

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