A Very Busy Time Ahead For Bunbury

New Council To Choose Dept Mayor

Cliff Reeve

25 October 2017

Cliff Reeve

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After the local govt elections on the weekend, which by the way saw an appallingly low turn out but that's a story for another time, the new council has a busy week ahead.

Tonight (Wed) the annual Junior Sports Star Award will be bestowed then next week the State Governor will visit along with a Mayoral delegation from sister city Setagaya and then it will really be down to business with the election of the Dept Mayor and committee reps.

Basically, it never stops.

By the way, there is a LOT of hustling for the Dept Mayoral position with a councilor telling me politics is alive and well, if not thriving within council numbers.

Mayor Gary Brennan may dismiss the concept but time will tell.



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