Aaron Black Suffers Nasty Knee Injury

Carried off the field.

Triple M Footy Newsroom

9 June 2018

Triple M Footy Newsroom

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Geelong's Aaron Black has been carried off by trainers after suffering a nasty hyperextended knee.

Black went for a mark in a contest on half forward when he landed on his left leg, hyperextending his knee.

He had to be carried off by two trainers.

"He's a very sore boy, Aaron Black," Triple M's Jay Clark reported from the boundary.

"Two trainers taking him off. You'd suspect he goes straight down to the race to suss out that hyperextended knee."

Black reemerged from the rooms later in the term, but Clark said it looked like his day was over.

Mark Ricciuto and Damian Barrett went head to head over the Crows' injuries on the Friday Huddle!


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