Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan Explains The Crows’ Training “Mistake” In The Barossa Valley

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Adelaide CEO Andrew Fagan appeared on the Hot Breakfast this morning and explained the Crows’ training mistake at a resort in the Barossa Valley.


“Obviously we had, like a few clubs had, a large number of players returning from being away,” Fagan said.

“With the 14 day quarantine period, we wanted to give the players the best opportunity to train rather than being stuck in their apartments, so we liaised with the AFL and SA police, and we said well we had a vacant hotel hotel and grounds down in the Barossa where we got approval from SA police for the guys to both quarantine and be able to train within those grounds, and that was said to try and prepare them for the season.

“But look, what then transpired in their firsts training session was clearly an error and mistake on our party and we absolutely accept that.”

Fagan blamed the mistake, in part, on unclear communication.

“This is their first training session, and last night I saw a communication to the group — and this probably sits at the core of it — about the training to be conducted, and it does refer to social distancing, it does refer to training in pairs,” he said.

“But it wasn’t clear as it needed to be about some particular drills that were part of the training session, and ultimately that led to elements of the session clearly breaching those protocols.

“In short, there were groups of two who came together as four lots of two, and became groups of eight, and that sort of sits at the heart of this issue and as I said, it was an honest mistake and some poor communication, but we clearly breached rules that we’re all very aware of.”

Fagan wasn’t sure how long the players breached the protocols for.

“I’m trying to get under the lid of that,” he said.

“The entire training session was a couple of hours. I think that the first half of it was running, they were on a golf course environment with three or four holes, and I think it’s, my understanding is it’s pretty clear they were maintaining social distancing and running in pairs in that environment.

“The back half of the session had been split into a couple of groups, where there was some hill running and some skill work… and that’s when the pairs became grouped as eights.

“And that’s at the heart of the issue here I think.”

Fagan also expanded on the investigation, how the club found out and more.


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Rudi Edsall

7 May 2020

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Rudi Edsall

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