Advice for Summer

St John Ambulance offering tips

13 December 2017

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With summer upon us in Albany, St John Ambulance is offering some advice to help get through the warm weather. Even though some days may not feel like a typical summer day, we shouldn't be complacent. Here are some tips.


  • Drowning is a very real risk at this time of year. Whether you’re at the beach or by the pool, children must be supervised at all times.
  • Pool safety mustn’t be treated lightly. If people are swimming – especially kids – at your place, you need to ensure there’s at least one responsible adult, ideally with first aid skills – who can respond quickly in the case of an accident.
  • In the case of a near drowning, pull the patient from the water, check if the person is unconscious, if so call for the ambulance, and then begin CPR.


  • In summer, staying hydrated is a must – and by that we mean drink lots of water. The hotter the weather is, the more you need to rehydrate. Older people and babies are particularly susceptible to dehydration.
  • Also, if you’re working outdoors or planning a day outdoors, maybe at the beach or fun park… the more water you need to drink.
  • Soft drinks, juice, alcohol, tea and coffee are more likely to dehydrate you. Water is the best drink for rehydrating.


  • If you’re heading outdoors during the day – for work or leisure - wear a wide-brimmed hat, reapply sunscreen regularly and keep your shirt on and try to make it a long sleeve shirt.
  • Take regular breaks in the shade if you can.
  • Here’s what to do: if someone you know suffers heat stroke or heat exhaustion:
    • Move them to a cool place
    • Get them to sit or lie in a comfortable position
    • Remove unnecessary clothing and loosen tight clothing.
    • Sponge the patient with cold water or apply a cold pack, particularly around the neck or armpits.
    • Give them cool water to drink.
    • In the case of Heat Stroke – when the patient can suffer seizures or lose consciousness - call an ambulance and begin CPR if required.
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