AFL Reveals Rule Modifications For AFLX Competition

In a bid to enhance the excitement

Abe Spargo

5 February 2019

Abe Spargo

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The AFL will introduce a number of rule modifications to its new and improved AFLX competition in a bid to enhance the excitement of the code.

Perhaps the most left field change is the introduction of ‘Gatorade game changer’ who will be able to kick a 20-point supergoal in the final five minutes of the match.

Not only this but every registered score by this selected player will be doubled, enhancing the teams chances of a late match comeback.

"If you look at the sports right throughout the world, there's certain players that people follow. They don't follow teams as such, but actual players," AFL Football Operations Manager Steve Hocking told

"If people are going to show up to see who the game changer is that's all part of the fun, particularly kids because that's who the game is targeted at."

Other rule modifications introduced will be:

  • Each team will have 14 players — eight on the field and six on the bench.
  • The field umpire will throw the ball up to commence play at the start of each half and following a supergoal.
  • Players are allowed to play on from out of bounds after the ‘last touch’ rule.
  • Players are allowed to run 20m without bouncing or touching the ball on the ground.

Hocking also assured the rule changes are "just targeted at AFLX" and aren't being trialled for the traditional version of the game.

 “If people think whatever we’re doing here is just a precursor to AFL men’s, that’s not the case. They’re two different games.”

The AFLX competition will take place at Marvel Stadium on February 22.

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