Agrotrend 2019 Will Feature Some FURBULOUS Guest Stars!

It will be SHEAR entertainment...

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ALPACA your cameras and head on down to Agrotrend 2019 for their 42nd annual event! 

This year, our fluffy headed friends will be making a star appearance for the Bundaberg Agrotrend Alpaca competition 2019! 


Several handlers from around the Bundaberg region will be showcasing their prized pets for locals to admire.  

The alpacas will be guided through a course, demonstrating the close bond between the alpacas and their handlers. 


According to organisers there will be two different breeds of alpaca, the Suri and the Huacaya. While in the ring, judges will score the different breeds on 60 percent fleece and 40 percent conformation. 

The alpaca event will kick off Friday, May 10th and will wrap up Saturday, May 11th. So make SURI you don't miss out and head to the website for more info!!  

Georgie Marr

30 April 2019

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Georgie Marr

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