Airline Gate Agent Entertains Passengers During Plane Delay


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We can all agree that one of the worst things in the world is a plane delay.

Hours and hours stuck at an airport, never knowing when you'll take off, wandering around aimlessly to fill the time, knowing you can only walk past Maccas so many times until you give in.

It's the worst.

But for a lucky group of travellers in the US, a Southwest Airline gate agent took it upon himself to entertain the group awaiting their delayed flight. 

As seen in footage posted by passenger Kristen Dundas, the gate agent organsied various activities to preoccupy the crowds awaiting their flight to Washington including a "who has the worst driver's licence picture" contest. 

 Dundas told CNN that he also hosted a paper airplane competition, awarding winners with $25 vouchers and Southwest merchandise.

"Once he started playing games, I was laughing and having a great time and didn't even mind that the flight was delayed" she said. 

A Southwest Airlines representative replied to Dundas on twitter saying ""I'm glad our agent was able to make the delay a little more bearable for y'all, Kristen! We hope to have you on your way ASAP." 

What a legend!

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27 August 2019

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