Albanese: “No Place” For Neo-Nazi Displays In Australia

Following arrests on weekend

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says there is “no place” for neo-Nazi displays in Australia following another display in Melbourne at an anti-immigration rally at the weekend.

Police made several arrests following neo-Nazi and anti-fascist groups clashed along Spring Street on Saturday, forcing police to use capsicum spray to separate the conflicting groups.

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Mr Albanese said right-wing extremists posed the “strongest threat” to Australia’s security.

“There is no place in Australia for the sort of demonstrations that we’ve seen now on a number of occasions here in Melbourne with people paying tribute to Nazism,” Mr Albanese said.

“The time for tolerance of those matters has long gone. People should have a look at the consequences of that hatred. And it is an ideology of hate.

“It’s rejected overwhelmingly by all fair-minded Australians and certainly the authorities will continue to monitor and will have every support for any recommendation that is put forward by those authorities to the government.”

In an instance where the Federal and Opposition Governments agreed, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said on Tuesday it “deeply concerns” him about those who choose to act in neo-Nazi displays.

“They are scumbags, they are sick individuals, and of all things of all causes to take up – how on earth anybody in their right mind could take up a Nazi cause or wave that flag or salute in a way that a monster taught them to salute is beyond me,” he said.

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Tricia Mifsud

16 May 2023

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Tricia Mifsud

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