Albany Doppler Radar Upgrade Now Complete

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The $2.3 million upgrade of the Bureau of Meteorology's Albany facility to Doppler capability is complete, providing enhanced services for local farmers and emergency services.


The upgrade is part of a suite of investments by the State Government to achieve almost complete Doppler radar coverage across the agricultural region, providing accurate, real time rainfall intensity and wind speed and direction information.


The Doppler radar service, together with 176 State-owned weather stations, enriches data driven decisions by agribusinesses, while providing crucial data to emergency services.


Modelling for the project has revealed a $3.4 million year-on-year benefit generated from the Doppler radar installations from improved productivity, and a benefit-cost ratio of $1.70 for each dollar invested.


The Doppler radar images and further weather information is available from or the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development's website at

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15 May 2019

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