Alice Cooper Reveals What Actor He Wants To Play Him In A Biopic

What do you reckon?

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Rocker Alice Cooper has revealed who he would choose to play him in a biopic if there was the opportunity.

Speaking to Yahoo!, Alice suggested that his Hollywood Vampires bandmate, Johnny Depp could take on the part, saying, "if Johnny Depp were just better looking, he could play me! Johnny would be the best guy to play me, because he really likes to take those characters that nobody else wants to play.

"And he loves prosthetics - he would get my nose in there and the whole thing like that. He knows me well enough now where he could imitate me pretty well, I’m pretty sure.”

Speaking of if there could be a biopic in the works, Alice said, “Usually it’s gonna happen with bands that were extremely commercially successful.

"We sold a lot of records, but I didn't  appeal to everybody. I was definitely on the darker side. And I think that it would make a great movie.”

What do you reckon? Could Johnny Depp be the perfect choice to take on Alice Cooper in a biopic?

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5 June 2020

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