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Do you ever walk past certain older buildings and wonder what they used to be and what they are now?

Well I was lucky enough to get access inside the Old Embassy Building on Ellena Street in Maryborough and have a walk through and check out exactly what it looks like now and the story behind what it used to be!

Its currently being used as a storage facility at the moment. Still as beatiful as ever on the inside though... 

A photo from inside the projection room from when it was a picture theatre. Those holes in the wall are what they used to project down into the theatre. Amazing!

A huge seated balcony overlooks the large dance floor and main stage. You can see to the left of the stage the balcony seating as well. You can just imagine how gorgeous it would have been back in the day! 

Everything about this goreous building just screams elegance, even if its full of storage items, its still so full of character! 

I caught up with Michael, one of the managers of the building and he told me a little about the building and what it used to be plus some memories of his own. Take a listen!
Next time you walk past, take a look in the glass and imagine what it might have looked like for yourself back in its day! 

5 December 2016

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