All Murder Cold Cases In NSW To Be Reopened

"Every case is going to get reviewed"

14 May 2018

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Police will reopen all New South Wales cold case homicides in an attempt to catch killers who have managed to avoid justice.

This comes in an attempt to give the families of victims some answers, with the first 20 cases to be sent to investigators outside of the homicide squad this week.

"The review process will look at the best opportunities to solve the matter, and cases that could be solved now given the right resources will be prioritised to be reinvestigated," NSW Police homicide commander Detective Superintendent Scott Cook said.

"Every case is going to get reviewed and I am sorry to the families if their case is less solvable than others.

"It's not forgotten and it will be looked at again and again."

This reopening of cases will see potential witnesses and previous lines of inquiry examined, with the benefits of new technology.

Three categories will be established, sorting cases into "unsolved" deaths that appear to be homicides; "undetermined" cases where it is unclear whether the cause of death was homicide or something else; and "unresolved" deaths where the offender may be known to police but may have been acquitted at trial or be on the run.

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