"All Rugby League Players Should Climb The Kokoda Track"

Roy & HG report

23 April 2017

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This week on The Sporting Probe with Roy & HG, discussion surrounded the ANZAC weekend and the importance of honouring our troops. 

"Rugby league and ANZAC have gone hand-in-hand for a hell of a long time," Roy said.

"The statement I'm calling for is the suggestion that all rugby league players climb the Kokoda track.

"This could be done very elegantly. All first grade players, all players registered - a sort of rugby league army making its way up that steep, muddy slope.

"Re-enacting what it was like back in the day, when Australians were Australians and we knew what we stood for and we knew what we were about.

"There was no confusion, and I think this would send a very, very clear message to your Kim Jong-Un types.

"We're looking at ANZAC Day 2018 to the rugby league army march."

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