All Systems Go At Suncorp For NRL Grand Final Despite Covid Fears

Down to 75% capacity

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The NRL Chief says it's all systems go for the NRL Grand Final at Suncorp Stadium, despite growing Covid cases.

Andrew Abdo has told 9 that postponing would be the preferred option if there's a lockdown in the south east, without enough time to move to the Plan B location of Townsville.

Queensland has already reduced crowd capacity to 39,000 fans at Suncorp.

"If there's a lockdown that happens from tomorrow, then I think postponement becomes a realistic option because we're not going to be able to move - we can move quickly, we know that - but we can't put on a Grand Final in 24 hours. It's not fair to the fans in Townsville and it's not fair to the teams," he said.

However, Epidemiologist Catherine Bennett says if there's a case at the game, it'll be a nightmare for health authorities. 

"It's those pinch points going in and out of the stadium that can be enough for Delta to pass on, and if you can't guarantee that you've got no one there who is infectious, then you also can't necessarily guarantee exactly who might have been exposed," she said.

Suncorp has already reduced the crowd cap to 75 per cent with tickets refunded for the remaining 25 per cent. 

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Amber Lowther

30 September 2021

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Amber Lowther

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