An Instagram worthy dessert has landed in Orange


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Brace yourself Orange, the Egg Waffle is here.

If you haven't tried one, chances are you've heard of them.

Since emerging in Hong Kong in the 1950's, the battery treat is ranked number 1 for the most most popular HK "street snack". 

They're made of a sweet, eggy batter cooked between two plates of egg-shaped griddle. 

What was once commonly eaten plain, has now transformed into a colourful concoction of fruit, ice cream, cookies and sugar overload thanks to overseas influence from New York and London restaurants.

Now, the popular food craze has hit the street of Orange!

Coffee shop, Chateau du Chocolat in town, has released the waffle made fresh to order with strawberry and banana nutella options.

The Instagram worthy treat may begin to take over local feeds, as it has done across the globe for years. 

It may be the first place in Orange to launch the dessert, but chances are it won't be the last!

6 February 2018

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