An Update On The Green Day To Adelaide Petition

From Roo and Ditts

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Roo & Ditts got an update on the petition to get Green Day to Adelaide this morning.


“We’ve got a little bit of good news and a bit of bad news, Green Day aren’t coming to Adelaide,” Roo said.

“We did everything we possibly could, we got over 8000 signatures for the petition, but they still can’t get to Adelaide.”

But because we couldn’t get Green Day here, we’re going to send you to Green Day.

“We still really want those Triple M Adelaide listeners who are Green Day fans to be able to get to see them,” Ditts said.

“So we have organised a bus and a stack of Green Day tickets to get to the Melbourne concert!”

When you hear us sing a Green Day song to the tune of The Wheels On The Bus, call us on 1333 53 and if you can guess what it is we’ll give you tickets to the show in the Melbourne and send you on the bus!

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Triple M Staff

17 February 2020

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Triple M Staff

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