Anger Grows Over Lake Mac Bin Changes

Thousands have signed a petition..

13 December 2018

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Lake Macquarie City Council is facing growing pressure to bring back weekly general waste collections.

More than 9,000 people have signed a petition in just a matter of days.

Red lid bins have been collected fortnightly since council introduced changes to the bin system in July. Green waste bins, which now include food scraps, are collected weekly. 

However many residents say their garbage is festering while waiting to be collected.

"Residents have bins that are crawling in maggots and flies, overflowing, and stinking – all things that Council promised would not happen. It’s just not good enough,” councillor Kevin Baker said.

“Council supplied green kitchen waste bags are liquefying in the household bin, as well as in the green waste bin, which are leading to infestations of maggots, flies, and putrid smells. Residents are advising of constantly overflowing regular waste pickups, and putting out green waste bins for collection with less than a handful of bags in them,” Cr Baker said.

Councillor Baker wants council to hold an Extraordinary meeting to reinstate weekly pickups of the general waste ahead of the Christmas period.

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