Anger Management is BACK for the 2020 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Send them off this Sunday at the Pier

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it's arguably the biggest yacht race in the Southern Hemisphere, if not the world! And YES, Esperance will (once again) have a boat and crew competing in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

Last year the support from the community towards Anger Management, skippered by Tim Stewart and his crew of seven mostly local sailors, was immense. Esperance folk and the team themselves were stunned and exhilarated when midway through the treacherous race the announcement came through that is appeared they were winning the whole thing. 

Unfortunately the excitement the Anger Management boys were feeling would subside, as conditions would hamper their progress. The lads would finish the race with their heads held high leaving a small town on the South Coast of West Australia incredibly proud. 

And now they are going to do it all again! 

Tim Stewart, Dr. David Swann and Mark Quinlivan have all come onto the Sean For Breakfast Show to talk about this years preparation for the big race! 

Before the boys go they wanted to throw a big event, a Sunday session at the Pier Hotel to thank their sponsors and allow the public to big them goodbye and good luck. The shindig is this Sunday, December 15 at the Pier Cocktail Bar, and is the SOS event (Send Off our Sailors, not Save!).

There will be live music, a couple speeches and plenty of (responsible) rum to go around.

The community are so proud to have representation in this huge race and the Sunday afternoon to see them off won't be as boisterous as the Hobart celebrations but is sure to come close!

Sean Lindsay

11 December 2019

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Sean Lindsay

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