Anger Management sailing closer towards the Sydney to Hobart

the boat leaves for Sydney in Nov

25 October 2018

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The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is one of the biggest and prestigious boat races in the world. Battling it out over a few days after Boxing Day against the rough seas between New South Wales and the apple isle of Tasmania takes skill, determination and guts.

Not since the eighties has Esperance had any involvement in this world renown race, but fortunately this year we will have an entire BOAT representing our humble little town.

Tim Stewart is the owner and skipper of ANGER MANAGEMENT, the Esperance yacht that competes regularly in weekend competitions. Mr. Stewart realised the possibility of entering into the Sydney to Hobart after some time after purchasing Anger Management, although the exact timing he cannot be sure.

“We bought this boat in Queensland last year and did the Hamilton Island race and did really well, and I guess it’s just come from that... I think what happened, perhaps I had a boat that was capable of doing it and I just started asking around some of the good guys in Esperance and said ‘look, would you be interested in doing the Hobart’ and it’s never been on my bucket list but it has been on a few others so a few guys put their hands up”

Those “good guys” who make up the crew include: Tim Stewart (skipper), Russell Bridge, Mark Quinlivan, Dylan Pinchin, Stewart McIntyre, Robbie Johnson, Colin Maloney and Chris Ratcliffe. The crew’s responsibilities will vary from navigator to watchman and will have their work cut out for them across the entire voyage.

Preparation for the race has been physical, with regular sailing and Pilates helping the team achieve fitness and hone their skills. The amount of required paperwork needed before entry to the race has also taken copious time, with crew members complying with safety inductions and boat standards.

Tim Stewart again: “safety rules, qualifying bits and pieces, which we’ve all done now. We’ve ticked off most of the boxes”

The boat will leave Esperance shores in the early parts of November and sail over to the starting line at Sydney Harbour prior to the race commencing. The majority of the crew will catch up with the boat in Sydney come Christmas.

The boys are excited and honoured to represent Esperance, and their goal could not be clearer.

Mark Quinlivan: “We’ve got 628 nautical miles of mayhem basically, hopefully we can finish that’s the main objective and make Esperance proud.”  

ANGR MGMT is sponsored by Michael Harding and Freight Lines group, the Pier Hotel, Taliska Pasture and Co., Ranbuild’s Sheds, Triple M Esperance, Esperance Earthworks, Clearwater Motel, P&K Smedgey, Ash Wrightsteine, UK sailmakers, Henri Lloyd Clothing and Stewart’s Engineering.

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