Angus Crichton Admits He "Needs To Get On Top Of" Having His Identity Stolen On Tinder

It's been going on for a while

4 December 2018

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Angus Crichton has admitted that he "need[s] to get on top of" someone using his identity to catfish other people on Tinder.

The newly minted Rooster told Hello Sports that dozens of women are being duped into thinking they're talking to the 22-year-old on the dating app thanks to someone stealing his photos and setting up a fake profile.

"I actually need to get on top of it, I've been meaning to for a while," Crichton said on a podcast. "There's this one dude, I don't know who it is, but he's made a fake Tinder profile.

"So I'll actually get messages once or twice a week from people saying, 'Hey, why did you stop talking to me?'

"This one chick actually sent me all these screenshots of what the guy was saying to her and she's like, 'Can you delete those pictures that I sent of me to you?'"

The catfisher even mined Crichton's real life for inspiration, the former Rabbitoh said.

"And he was talking as if he was me. I was sick in the finals series and he was saying, 'Oh, I've lost my voice, I can't talk'," he explained.

"He'd taken screenshots and videos of one of my teammate's [social media accounts] on our boat on our Mad Monday and he'd sent it to her saying, 'Oh yeah, look we're on the harbour'."

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