Animal Cruelty on the Increase in the Southern Downs

but they're not alone

3 July 2018

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Statistics from the RSPCA show a 22.5 per cent increase in reported cases of animal cruelty in Warwick this financial year compared with last - drought and social media may be a contributing factor to the rise in reporting cases of animal cruelty in the Rose City, with a lot more reports being received from via emails and the social media platform.

While Warwick has been named one of the towns culpable for a rise in animal cruelty reports in the region, stats indicate that there have been 80 more cases across the Darling Downs compared to the last financial year.

The most common reports received by the RSPCA were duty of care breaches, where an owner had failed to provide appropriate food and water, and living conditions.

Animal cruelty cases were defined as those where a person unnecessarily, unjustifiably, or unreasonably inflicts distress or pain on the animal.

You can contact the RSPCA on 0746341304.

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