Another Fierce Thunderstorm To Roll Through The South East

Wild weather will hit this arvo

9 October 2018

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South East Queensland is bracing for more wild weather, with gusty conditions sparking severe thunderstorms across much of Australia's East Coast.

Residents should expect hot and humid conditions across Wednesday morning with a top of 31C forecast, before showers roll in from the west in the afternoon, potentially developing into an intense gusty storm tonight.

Forecaster Ken Kato said some areas could cop up to 30 mills of rain, with the potential for flash flooding.

"A lot of south east Queensland has the risk of showers and thunderstorms, it's probably worthwhile keeping an eye on the radar and any warnings of significant activity in your local area," he said.

Brisbane's Mt Stapylton radar has been offline twice over the past two days, with technicians frantically working on it this morning to get it restored before the big storm hits.

Locals are urged to use the nearby Marburg and Gympie radars during the outage.

The big wet will not only pack heavy rain and strong winds, but it will bring a lot of cold weather our way, with top temps only set to hit the low 20s for the rest of the week.

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