Home Building Boom On Central Coast

But will it last?

18 February 2019

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Latest ABS figures on new home building approvals indicate that activity across the Central Coast expanded strongly in 2018 according to the Housing Industry Association.
“In 2018 a total of 2,195 approvals were issued for new dwellings across the Central Coast Council, compared to 1,425 in 2017, an increase of 54 per cent”, said Craig Jennion, HIA Hunter Executive Director.
“In a reversal to 2017, the most dominant dwelling type approved were multi-unit dwellings”, said Mr Jennion. “Comprising 56 percent of all approvals, multi-unit approvals increased by 99 per cent compared to a year earlier. The traditional detached dwelling side of the sector also saw an uplift in approvals, with activity increasing by 19 per cent”.
“Pleasingly for the first time since its launch, total approvals numbers for the government area were 120 dwellings, or 6 per cent, above the annual target identified as being necessary in the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036”, explained Mr Jennion.*
“Total dwelling approvals were the strongest in the south of the municipality, a clear indicator of homeowner preferences and that the Gosford revitalisation program is very much underway”, said Mr Jennion.
“These results point to very healthy levels of activity for the residential construction sector in early 2019. The approvals also reinforce the affordability advantages that the Central Coast has over other locations in NSW, particularly Sydney where housing remains far from affordable for average households”, concluded Mr Jennion.

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