Are You a Christmas Tree Snob?

One Of Ours Is

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It's that time again, when the judgement is strong among the Christmas tree police, and don't even tackle the nighmare that can be the light displays.

This morning I was just a little shocked to discover that our own Renee Pender is a Christmas tree snob!

Yes I was taken aback too.

It seems this is not new, Ms Pender has been a festive foliage fussbucket for quite some time. Who new?

I am informed that the lights should be draped symmetrically with just the right amount of tinsel which also must be placed at the proper angles around the tree and that the balance of lights to baubles must also be administered according to formula.

Generally the Reeve household is divided when the time comes to do the tree, The Carlton does the placing of pieces I hand and my task is to do the star on top.

It works.

Who does the tree at your place? All of you? Kids? Mum/ Dad?

I figure if you like it that's all that matters, so please send us pics of the good, the bad, the ugly, plain, ornate, or, you really didn't put much into this did you, and Renee will pass an eye over it. 

Really looking forward to seeing hers this year!!!!!!

3 December 2018

Article by:

Cliff Reeve

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