Are You A Hometown Tourist Ambassador?

We ALL Should Be

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As you may have heard I've been off travelling again, this time back to Thailand for a few weeks, a place I love a lot.

If you've never been I strongly suggest you take the trip at least once, you'd better be prepared though by either brushing up on your Thai language or some other form of communication because the locals' grasp of English can be rudimentary at best.

Several times we found ourselves hopelessly lost, Google Maps seemed to have a tenuious grasp on geography on occasion but hey, it makes the journey a lot more fun.

I've never been shy of asking for assistance and everybody we approached was very happy to offer directions and advice. Generally speaking this involved some form of "you're going in the totally opposite direction" accompanied by a bit of a giggle and a wave as we went on our way, in the right direction.

Twice we were standing in the street either looking at Google Maps "re directing" or some brochure and people approached us asking if they could help.

It's comforting and gives a visitor a nice feeling that somebody is looking out for you.

We've all been tourists and visitors at some time even if it's your first trip to Perth in a decade and it's all changed, just think how welcome you'd feel if somebody stepped in to give you a hand.

Tourism is our life blood and we should all be ambassadors so if someone needs directions let it be you who helps.



16 January 2020

Article by:

Cliff Reeve

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