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That time of year again!

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Well it’s about that time of year again where we all need to stay vigilant when it comes to bush fire season. 

I know, I know, we read these things every year and start to skim through and think we know it all and have heard it all before.. But really, lets face it. It doesn't hurt to brush up on the facts and to even involve the kids on how to be safe around fires!

I caught up with Bush Fire Safety Officer Jo Cullen from the Queensland Fire and Rescue to have a quick chat about things we can all do to stay safe in our homes this fire season. 

“So we’ve been experiencing lower than normal soil moisture around the area this season and it looks like November could be a bit dry and warmer than previous years so it’s important for land holders to be prepared for any potential fires in their district. By cleaning up around the yards, keeping the grass short, they’ll notice the grass will dry out a lot quicker. We’re not getting enough rain to keep the soil moist so things dry out very fast and this helps in the spread of wide fires, so its important the landholders are prepared.” 

Being that we are a rural area, it is good to be prepared. “Talk to your local Fire Warden or Fire Brigade and talk about things you can do to prepare your and your family ahead of the fire season just in case you have a fire in your area, so it has minimal impact on your life. 
Our fire crews are there to assist in times of need, but we can’t be at everyone’s house all the time. It is important for land holders to take responsibility for themselves and be prepared as possible so we can get in and help quicker and easier.” He said. 

Did you know that fire travels faster up hill? If you or your children would like to learn more facts like that and get fire ready, click here to head over the the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service Bush Fire Ready page! 

6 December 2016

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