Are You Ready To Get Down And Dirty?

The Raw Challenge Is Back This Week!

Kalun Townsend

18 March 2018

Kalun Townsend

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The Raw Challenge is back this weekend and Coasties will be gathering in Doyalson to get get down and dirty, and challenge themselves in the mud!

Raw Challenge is a mud obstacle course with 55+ obstacles over a 7km distance. They cater for all ages 5-80, as well as all levels of fitness, from a competitive wave, to a designated women’s wave and Youth waves catering from 5-12years of age. Raw Challenge is a great way to challenge yourself and your friends both physically and mentally whilst getting down and dirty and having heaps of fun.


The events encompass a range of courses designed to test participant’s strength, stamina, mental toughness and agility, as they bring together fun and fitness to give you a great sense of achievement. Participants can choose to walk or run each track and make the course as hard or easy as they desire. Athletes can time themselves as they run and conquer all obstacles while others may choose to walk with friends and at times may bypass obstacles.

What: Raw Challenge - Doyalson

When: Saturday the 24th & Sunday the 25th of March

Where: 110 Pacific Hwy Doyalson, NSW 2262

* Photos Courtesy of Raw Challenge

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