Astonishing New Trials For A Needle-Free Covid Vaccine

Just Like Being Flicked

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The trial of a needle-free covid vaccine is now being tested on volunteers throughout Australia.

Volunteers have been recruited in Adelaide, Sydney and Perth to test out the Covigen vaccine.

In an attempt to combat COVID-19, The Covalia trial is delivering a new approach from both the AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines.  

The AstraZeneca infects the body cells using a virus, whereas Pfizer delivers a genetic code that is glazed in fatty nanoparticles.

The Covigen vaccine has been designed to force a DNA genetic code into the body cells, teaching them to make COVID-19 spike proteins and as a result, build their immune defense systems.  

The Covalia trial is using a jet injector to deliver a narrow stream of water under pressure. 

The innovative device has been already used in the United States for the flu shot.

People who have received the Covigen vaccine have described the feeling as ‘being flicked’.

You can check out a video right here of this new covid needle-free vaccine.

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25 June 2021

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