Aussie Bloke Spreading Christmas Cheer With His Speed Camera Warning Sign

Plus a beer or two

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Instagram/ ShitAdelaide

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by standing on the side of the road with a sign warning drivers about an upcoming mobile speed camera.

So say (some of) the residents of Mawson Lakes, in North Adelaide, after spotting a bloke giving them the thumbs up as he notified them of a speed trap ahead.

A photo shared to the Shit Adelaide Instagram page captured the extremely Australian moment, with what looks like a couple of tinnies and a bottle of Corona in the background.

Understandably, reactions have been mixed - but for every naysaying comment, there has been plenty of support for the faceless vigilante.

"Guy deserves a beer," one of the hundreds of comments reads, while a second acknowledged his makeshift bar: "Good to see he is staying hydrated."

Another suggested we "give him a cape".

While we can appreciate the gag, we're definitely not condoning speeding in any way - particularly after South Australia's road toll as "particularly shocking" this year.

Police Minister Corey Wingard said: "As we head into the holiday period, I want to issue a personal plea to South Australia: Please stay safe, don't make stupid choices, don't rush and don't become distracted."

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Deirdre Marie

23 December 2019

Article by:

Deirdre Marie

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