Aussie Businesses On High Alert With EFTPOS Machine Scam


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Police have raised the red flag, cautioning retailers around the country to be vigilant after four men were arrested and charged in Perth last week allegedly swapping out EFTPOS machines, refunding $10,000 to other accounts.

WA Police believe the scam could be a part of a larger organised crime syndicate and could be operating nation-wide.

Detective Sergeant Jamie Hutcheson has implored businesses and staff to protect their EFT machines.

"If you're going to leave the counter take the device with you or secure it under the counter if you can. Or, if you can make sure there is a staff member always around the EFTPOS machine"

- Detective Sergeant Jamie Hutcheson


Another scam picking up across suburban and regional areas is con men posing as tradies.

Valerie Griswold from Fair Trading said the scammers often target the elderly and vulnerable offering cheap labour in exchange for cash up front.

"People give the money and the bank accounts that they transfer the money to and the money is immediately withdrawn, or the cash is just taken and really defective work is done, or no work is done at all"

- Valerie Griswold

The National Briefing

The latest crime stats reveal Aussies handed over $851 million to scam artists during 2020, a 34% increase on 2019.

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6 June 2021

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