Aussie Dirt Rider Knocked Off Bike By Wire Strung Across Track At Neck Height

"An invisible force"

Triple M Staff

7 February 2019

Triple M Staff

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An Australian dirt rider has said it "was like an invisible force" took him after he was knocked from his bike by a neck-high wire while out riding in Queensland.

Ben Bird told ABC that he was travelling on a forestry track at Amamoor, near Gympie, while surveying fencing earlier this week when he was thrown from his motorbike by what he thought was a branch.

But the 25-year-old quickly discovered a seven-metre wire strung across the path by two trees, saying that he "could see the wire dangling" from where he had hit it.

"I took one of my gloves off instantly and there was no blood," Bird told ABC News. "I could move my neck and I stood up straight away.

"That was a relief."


 According to Bird, the track is a popular weekend spot for other dirt bike riders and people with 4WDs, and that normally he "could be going up to 60-70 kilometres per hour.

Luckily, he had only just entered the track and so was only travelling at about 15 kilometres per hour.

"The wire had been tied in a slip knot so when you hit it pulls tighter," he explained.

"I won't be going fast out there again, not unless I check the track first.

"It puts a bit of fear in you... big time."

Bird's Facebook post has been clocking up support since he shared it on Monday afternoon, garnering close to 2,500 comments and having been shared more than 11,000 times, and he has passed on his information to Queensland Parks and Forest rangers.

"Why would you want to decapitate someone?" he asked. "It's a bit out there."

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