Aussie’s Hustled Out Of $9 Million By Phone Scammers In May

True-dinks or dirty-trickster?

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Australians lost twice as much money to phone scams in May, compared to the same time last year.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have revealed Aussies were duped out of more than 9-million dollars last month in a growing crime spree.

The dominant phone scams doing the rounds include claiming to be from official government agency, telecommunication, and tech support firms, along with Netflix or Amazon, or even police with an arrest warrant. 

We are being warned to look out for call scammers pretending to be from the ATO as we head towards the end of the financial year and tax time.

Scammers target everyone using sophisticated tactics to get what they want, ACCC want all Australians to remain alert and remember the rule:

If in doubt, don't.

Don't answer, don't click on links, don't give personal details, and don't give money.


If you think you've been scammed and given away persona information, contact, a government-funded organisation who can help you respond to concerns around cyber-security and identity theft.

Aussies can also report the scam to ACCC's Scamwatch and help consumers avoid getting swindled.

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15 June 2021

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