Aussies Urged To Avoid Driving Through Floodwaters

Just don’t do it!

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Australia is no stranger to flooding.

Therefore, you would assume that Aussies would have enough sense to avoid driving through flood waters.

But alas, a waterlogged road is not an obvious deterrent for everyone.

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As communities across Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania have been issued evacuation orders this week, authorities are urging people not to drive through flooded roads.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews warned residents to be vigilant and "make the very best decisions for your safety and the safety of others."

"And please do not drive into flood water because it’s dangerous for you and it's dangerous for the person who has to come and rescue you," he added.


While his state counterpart, Premier Dominic Perrottet urged New South Wales residents over the weekend to "be careful on the roads, don’t drive through floodwaters and just be aware of the challenging circumstances that are in front of us.”

"As I said earlier, don’t let your past experience guide the present situation," he added.


The message is a simple one: don’t drive through floodwaters.

NRMA warns that a car will lose power in depths greater than 15cm as water enters the exhaust and washes into the air intake, causing it to float once flood levels exceed 30cm.

If that’s not alarming enough, modern cars with electrically powered windows and locks are almost impossible to escape from once water finds its way into wiring and motors.

And if you do survive getting caught in a flood in your car, the damage to your vehicle will make you regret taking the chance.


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14 October 2022

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