Australia’s Prison Dilemma - Jail Rehabilitation Doesn't Work

School for criminals

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Paddy & Rob Palmer take a dive into prisoner reform and the ultimate question: Would you let a convicted criminal stay in your home?

Inspired by a new SBS series that tackles recidivism, by offering four ex-cons a spare room in an Aussie household for 100 days,  Paddy and Rob chat to former prisoner Jeffrey who says jail rehabilitation doesn't work.

Bearing all for Triple M listeners, Jeffrey says they call it the school of criminals for a good reason, and for him things only got worse. 


Currently, there is little evidence to suggest that increased imprisonment results in decreased crime, instead the latest revelations shed a light on the harmful and brutalising nature of imprisonment.

And while most people who go to prison do come out, Australia's recidivism rates are exceptionally high at 46 per cent.

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29 March 2022

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