Australian Sports Commission Calls For Steve Smith To Be Stood Down

'The ASC calls for him.'

Ethan Meldrum

25 March 2018

Ethan Meldrum

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The Australian Sports Commission has called for Steve Smith and anyone else involved to stand down following the ball tampering incident overnight.


Cricket Australia chief executive James Sutherland has assured no decision will be made until the ball tampering incident has been "properly" investigated.

But the ASC, chaired by John Wylie and backed by CEO Kate Palmer, have called for Smith to be "immediately" stood down while the investigation takes place, as well as anyone else complicit in the ball tampering.

Full statement:

The ASC condemns cheating of any form in sport. The ASC expects and requires that Australian teams and athletes demonstrate unimpeachable integrity in representing our country.

The Australian cricket team are iconic representatives of our country. The example they set matters a great deal to Australia and to the thousands of young Australians playing or enjoying the sport of cricket and who look up to the national team as role models.

Given the admission by Australian captain Steve Smith, the ASC calls for him to be stood down immediately by Cricket Australia, along with any other members of the team leadership group or coaching staff who had prior awareness of, or involvement in, the plan to tamper with the ball.

This can occur while Cricket Australia completes a full investigation.

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