Australians Are Turning Their Back On Booze

Healthier Lifestyles Are On The Rise

20 August 2017

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If you've been choosing to drink at home more often you're not alone, 63 percent of us are opting to stay in and drink instead of heading out to the pub.

But it not the price of a beer these days that's turning us away, instead we’re choosing a healthier lifestyle that avoids alcohol.

New stats from Drink Wise show excess drinking is on the down, with 20 percent of people abstaining all together.

24 per cent of people were drinking to excess 10 years ago compared to 16 per cent now. 

Millennials have been part of the shift in drinking habits with more young people opting for a healthier lifestyle to show off on social media.

Drinking less is win for our health care system so we'll cheers to the new trend. 


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