Autumn Firewood Collection Season Open!

Locals reminded of limits in place!

6 March 2018

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Forest Fire Management Victoria have announced the beginning of the Autumn Firewood Collection Season for 2018.

Locals are set to stock up before the Winter months hit; officials reminding Sunraysia residents of the penalties that can apply for those who collect firewood outside of designated firewood collection areas.

We're also being urged to stick to collection limits, residents can take up to two cubic metres of firewood per person per day.


We can collect a maximum of 16 cubic metres per household per financial year.

DELWP and Parks Victoria Staff will be patrolling parks, forests and reserves to make sure people are adhering to limits when collecting firewood.

Penalties of over $600 can apply to those who do not stick to limits.

To find a collection area in your region, click the link below for an interactive map!


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