Avon Descent 2017

A recap

11 August 2017

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This year was an absolutely incredible year for the huge event in our region that is the Avon Descent. I headed down to Northam Pool on the proceeding Friday to catch competitors and team registering and getting all their gear information ready for what was to be a beautiful day out on the water. Friday night was an awesome night with the Avon River Festival in full swing getting everyone excited for the event, before that there was also the re-opening of the bridge in town that had been long awaited and will ease a lot of congestion in town which was great. I was lucky enough to MC the car parade that so many businesses and non-for-profit organisations go involved with and absolutely decked out their vehicles/ modes of transport. The kids loved all the dress ups and what was most popular was the sounding bells from all Fire trucks throughout our region. 

Saturday was an early morn out on the river, Ross was covering the start of the race for Triple M and it was truly spectacular to see the sun rise over the water. The paddlers were first off the ranks followed not long after by the speed boaters. I headed out to Cobblers pool in the afternoon, the finishing point after race day one to see in the last of the paddlers and Paul Ranger finally make his way through, the first stand- up paddle border to make the mark.

More MCing at the Race Day Hub was on the schedule and it was great to see so much live music and raffles/ things available for everyone that decided to camp the night or stay that little bit longer. Sunday saw competitors make their way to the finish line in Bayswater and sweet relief in completing the grueling/tough 124km journey.

If you’d like to catch a glimpse here’s a little video, hope you enjoy- https://www.facebook.com/mmmavonvalley/videos/1492798614100388/


:) Verity

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