Back in Tasmania, A Fathers Love

Walter Mikac returns

12 May 2017

 PIC | Walter Mikac in the 1990’s with his daughters, Alannah and Madeline (Supplied: Walter Mikac)

On April 28, 1996, Walter Mikac was at a nearby golf course when he heard gunshots from the Port Arthur historic site.

History was made that day, one of Tasmania’s darkest days, and Mr Mikac's life was changed forever as he lost wife Nannette and daughters Alannah, 6, and Madeline, aged just 3.

This week Walter Mikac returned to Tasmania to launch a new book and mark the 20th anniversary of the foundation he established in honour of his family.

Mr Mikac joined Triple M’s Dave Noonan Show to talk about the launch of the book Letters of Love: Words from the Heart Penned by Prominent Australians, which is compiled by Mr Mikac and features over 50 celebrities, public and not-so public figures.

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