This Has To Be The Best Ever Job Posted On Air Tasker

NEEDED: Backyard Cricket Pool Fielder

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A couple of lazy Melbourne blokes are attempting to outsource their backyard cricket fielding.

The job, which appears on the internet marketplace Air Tasker, states that a Backyard Cricket Pool Fielder is required to assist with fetching cover drives that land in the pool.

"Our backyard’s layout (Pool running adjacent to the cricket pitch) makes it extremely difficult to play a cover drive with confidence, especially when it’s deemed out when you hit it in the pool on the full. And so, we’re seeking a fielder to plonk themselves in the pool rather than the batsman be given out whenever the ball lands in the pool."

You'll earn $25 for an hour of pool fielding which the ad claims is the award pay rate.

On top of that, if you pride yourself on taking a blinder, you can earn an extra $2.50 per diving catch. This would be very lucrative if you could catch like Ricky Ponting.

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29 January 2020

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