Backyard Raid In Adelaide’s South Reveals Family’s Hidden Secret

Links to three suspected murders

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Three people have been arrested after detectives dug up drugs and cash in a Morphett Vale backyard over the weekend. 

Specialist officers from Task Force Southern investigators, STAR group and the Serious and Organised Crime raided the Adelaide property on Saturday where they unearthed 616 grams of meth hidden in poly pipe buried in a garden.

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Reportedly linked to an investigation into three suspected murders in Adelaide’s south, investigators also allegedly found $50,870 buried inside a container, along with jewellery and an e-bike. 

A 38-year-old man and his parents, a 62-year-old woman and a 50-year-old man, were arrested and charged with trafficking in a commercial quantity of a controlled drug, possessing prescription drugs and money laundering. 

The trio were refused bail and fronted Christies Beach Magistrates Court on Monday.

The targeted raid was a part of a police investigation into three brutal murders in Adelaide’s south during 2020.

Last month a reward of $600,000 was announced for information on the three murders.

Anyone who provides information that would lead to a murder conviction of Trevor King, Robert Atkins or Jeff Mundy would be awarded $200,000 – or $600,000 if all murders were solved. 


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17 January 2022

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