Balingup Medieval Carnivale To Host A Community Focused Festival

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The Balingup Medieval Carnivale will host a smaller, community focused festival on Saturday 28th of August with a maximum of 1,000 tickets to be sold.

The news follows after a comprehensive assessment from the Balingup Medieval Carnivale Committee who unanimously agreed that a large event attracting thousands to Balingup is not within the best interests of the community.

In a statement from the BMC Committee, President Nadia Adams expressed her sympathy to those who would be disappointed by the outcome, “I understand that many of you will be disappointed by the decision and for that we are sorry. We hope you will understand that the logistics and legalities of hosting an event during this time of a worldwide pandemic are vastly complex. The risk of total event cancellation at short notice would hit us financially to a point we would not likely recover”.

More information about the 2021 event and how to purchase tickets will be provided in the coming weeks via the Balingup Medieval Carnivale Facebook page and website.

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4 March 2021

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