Barnaby Joyce Just Cracked It At The Prime Minister Called Him 'Inept'

Just incredible:

16 February 2018

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Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has fronted the media in an extraordinary press conference - astoundingly calling the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull "inept".

Yesterday Turnbull gave Joyce a dressing down over his affair with a staffer, saying the party was "appalled" by his actions and that Joyce had inflicted terrible pain on his wife and three daughters. 

Today Joyce said the Prime Minister's statements caused further harm:

"In regards to comments by the Prime Minister yesterday at his pc.  have to say that in many instances they caused further harm and I believe in many instances they were inept and in many instances, unnecessary." 

He said the National Party were their own independent political unit and did not appreciate input from other parties.

There has been increasing pressure for Joyce to resign in recent days.

When questioned, he said he believed it was possible for his working relationship with Turnbull to continue and he would not be standing down as he believed he had the support of his party. 

Listen to the full conference here: 

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