Barra's Baring His Bum For Pauly And "Our Mate Mainy"

Remembering Chris Mainwaring!

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This morning, the one and only Adrian Barich revealed he'll be baring his bum to support Captain Paul and honour his old mate, the late, great Chris Mainwaring.

Here's how it went down this morning.


Barra felt a little bit sad this morning. After all, seeing our Captain Paul going through his fight with cancer brought back memories of his mate Chris Mainwaring, a man who spent many years working alongside Captain at mix94.5.

The big event is next Friday, December 6, down at Swanbourne Beach. You can still register here if you're keen to join us, and Barra, obviously.

Here's Barra's chat in full



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Written by: @dantheinternut


26 November 2019

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